How Much Is a Movie Ticket From the Cheapest Cinemas in Bugis?

Cinemas near Bugis charge between $8.50 and $14 for movie tickets. The actual cost depends on the type of screening (3D vs. 2D), the day of the week and whether you are a regular moviegoer, student or senior citizen.

If you plan to see a movie at the FilmGarde movie theater in Bugis+ Mall, the price of a 2D movie ticket costs $8.5 between Mondays and Thursdays. On the other hand, 3D movie tickets at the Golden Village theater cost $14 during Fridays, weekends and public holidays.

Prices During Weekends and Holidays

Most people don’t have time to watch a movie during weekdays, while some even prefer going to the cinemas during weekends. This is the reason why prices are more expensive during weekends and holidays. You can buy a standard 2D movie ticket at the FilmGarde and Cathay theaters for $13, while Golden Village tickets for standard 2D movies cost $13.50.

If you want to watch a standard 3D movie, Golden Village offers the cheapest price in Bugis at $14 during weekends and holidays. FilmGarde charges $14.50 for a standard 3D movie, while Cathay tickets cost $16.

Pricing for Students

Golden Village and Cathay are the cheapest cinemas near Bugis for students. A standard 2D movie ticket costs $7 between Monday and Friday before 6 p.m. FilmGarde tickets are more expensive at $10 during the same schedule.

Eagle Wings and Shaw theaters charge the lowest prices for students in Singapore. Shaw cinemas charge $6.50 from Monday to Friday before 5 p.m., while Eagle Wings charge the same rate on weekdays before 6 p.m.

Pricing for Senior Citizens

Pricing for Senior Citizens – Loan Agency

FilmGarde theaters offer the cheapest price in Bugis for senior citizens, who can buy 2D movie tickets for $4.50 from Monday to Friday before 6 p.m. Golden Village and Cathay theaters charge $5 during the same schedule. WE Cinema also offers the same rates at the same schedule, although there’s no theater near Bugis.

Shaw’s 2D movie tickets only cost $4, but seniors need to visit the theater in Orchard. If you like foreign movies, then head to The Projector. The cinema on Beach Road charges $11.50 for a 2D movie ticket. A standard movie ticket at the cinema costs $13.50.

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Directions from Bugis Junction to A1 Credit:

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