5 Cafés Near Jalan Besar With Delivery Services Even on Weekends

Cafés with delivery services have become more important than ever in Singapore. As people are advised to stay at home as much as possible, it makes sense to call your favorite store and have food delivered to your home. Here are five cafés near Jalan Besar with delivery services.

Curious Palette

Customers who order food worth at least $50 won’t have to pay a delivery fee. Curious Palette is best known for its luscious pancakes in Berry Ricotta or Rum and Raisin flavors. Other popular choices include pasta dishes, sandwiches and short ribs. Visit the café’s website for the full list of food items.

The Glasshouse

Sando lovers can order food delivery from The Glasshouse for just $5 for a minimum order of $20, but they should be within a five-kilometer radius of the store along Fraser Street. Otherwise, customers need to pay a $10 delivery fee. The café’s best-selling items involve a twist on the classic melted cheese and toast, including the Japanese Egg Sando worth $10 and Italian Sloppy Joe worth $15. Other choices are the Banana Pecan Miso Butter Toast worth $13 and the Classic Salmon Toast worth $13.50.

Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey also waives the delivery fee if customers order at least $50 worth of items. The bottled drinks are among the crowd favorites. Most people buy the caffeinated beverages for the unique blend, aside from the aesthetically pleasing bottle designs. You can buy a six-pack of the chai and sea salt chocolate drink for $38 with a bowl of quinoa for just $15.

Twenty Grammes

Do-it-yourself protein bowls are the main items on Twenty Grammes’ menu. Each bowl contains four sides of your choice with your preferred protein, base and sauce. The common side dishes include avocado, jellyfish and buttered corn. An extra side only costs $1. The café charges a delivery fee of $8 for orders worth more than $30. You can place a delivery order from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Brunches Café

This café is more suitable for those who need a way to spice up their afternoon with family or friends. Brunches Café offers a high tea set that’s perfect for an online tea party. It might seem weird, but the quarantine is the “new normal” at least while there is an ongoing circuit breaker. Main dishes include the Creamy Carbonara for $15.50 and the pan-fried Salmon Steak with Hollandaise Sauce worth $18.50. Order at least $100 of food and drinks for free delivery service.


Food delivery services are a godsend during these times, and what better way to help retail shops by continuing to patronize them. If you need extra cash for emergency expenses, consider applying for a personal loan with A1 Credit. Visit the licensed money lender by following the directions below.

Directions from Jalan Besar to A1 Credit.

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