5 Places for Creatives in Tiong Bahru

Unleash Your Creativity by Visiting these 5 Places in Tiong Bahru

Over the years of recreating, Tiong Bahru has molded into a neighborhood rich in art and history. It remains to be one of the favorite places to explore whether you’re a history buff, looking for inspiration, or a culture lover. No doubt that this place is visited by many people to encourage them to unleash their creativity. Here are 5 of the most popular.

1. DEGIOSART Gallery


This place is the home for locals who have a seeming fondness with antiques, vintage, delicate objects, mainly from Asia and Europe. Encouraging the appreciation of highly refined objects and artworks is one of the gallery’s purposes. DEGIOSART gallery supports artists who show genuine skill in the art.

2. Seng Poh Tea Garden

Seng Poh Tea Garden

Sometimes, you don’t have to go through museums and art galleries to get inspired. Maybe you just need a serene location to have peace of mind. Seng Poh Tea Garden is the park you might be looking for to practice sketching and writing. It is the heart of the neighborhood.

3. Woods it the Books

Woods it the Books

You might want to revisit a place that tells you stories. This store is not your ordinary children’s book shop because each story was taken into consideration, especially if it captivates young minds. They have versions of classic books such as The Little Prince and Goodnight Moon.

4. Curated Records

Curated Records

From the store name itself, they have collected a range of vinyl featuring mainstream hits to indie releases. Their shop may be small, but they have a wide range of genres and thousands of records. You might find your favorite music here.

5. ArtBlue Studio

ArtBlue Studio

If you’re looking for a place to expand your knowledge about modern art styles, specifically in Southeast Asia, do not hesitate to drop by at this studio. This gallery exhibits works of some notable contemporary artists, making it the most visited area for local enthusiasts.

Does reading spark some excitement? Let us know what place you want to visit first, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts by commenting below. You might want to share this list with your creative friends to tour.

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